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sorry it’s been a while… first news

Posted by --- on Tuesday 15 June, 2010

Well it’s been ages since i last posted and lots has happened which I’ll probably post about seperately.  the first major thing is that on the 6th November last year I discovered that I’m pregnant!

Yes it was a shock for us too. We already have 3 children with large age gaps and I’m not a spring chicken but these things happen. Because of my age, previous miscarriage history and having twins before I’ve been monitored quite closely but it’s not been a fun pregnancy.  I’ve had vomitting (lost 1 1/2 stone), hypertension, kidney problems and suspected pre-eclampsia.  I’ve also got dysfunctional pelvic syndrome and been on crutches for some time. They’ve worried that the baby is too big and then too small – I think I have my name on a parking place at the ultrasound clinic! I’ve hardly slept for a few months and am now managing 2 hour stretches – at least we’ve worked it out so I can lie in bed; I was on the sofa sitting up and couldn’t cope with that! My feet and legs are so odematous they no longer look like my legs. I have heartburn, restricted airways, hemorroids and now they suspect pre-eclamsia again! Being my age, over-weight and unfit has meant that I’m worn out but we’ve now got to 35 weeks (36 on thursday) according to my scan dates so we’re almost there. My consultant wants me to be induced early because of my pelvis but we’re trying to hang on till the end! Oh and it looks like we’re having a girl.

this was the first test – sorry it’s blurred. I’ll post scan pics when I upload them.

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