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Posted by --- on Tuesday 15 June, 2010

Not on the same scale but Lexie isn’t the only thing we’ve said goodbye to since becoming pregnant – yes there is a huge list of things but the thing I was refering to was my landy. It had to go. Not practical for the kids really but definately not for a baby. So out goes the landy and in joins the mondy… not quite the same ring is it? Still, it’s comfortable and family friendly and we thought we had got it for a good price. After sitting in it and it shaking so much it rattles your teeth or, even worse, driving down the fast lane of the motorway over taking at 83 mph with a queue of traffic behind you when an orange light on the dash flashes on and the car decelerates rapidly as it hits limp mode it seems i’ts  not quite such a bargain! A mobile mechanic called today (charged us £40 for the pleasure) and told us that one of the injectors is down, which we suspected, but he couldn’t say which one but offered to repair it for somewhere in the region of £300 and then said that he also thinks the problem on the motorway is due to a faulty/dying fuel pump which is going to be around £800. Not much fun when DFS still hasn’t got a job and I’m not working either. So, for now,  we will put up with the shaking – maybe the movment will help settle the baby when she’s restless! – and not drive over 75mph.

Over the last few months I haven’t been able to do much but I do have some photos of what we’ve been up to. When I get chance (and aren’t so tired!) I’ll upload and blog about them . For now, goodnight.

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