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Due date

Posted by --- on Wednesday 14 July, 2010

Baby is due in two days (well tomorrow as it has gone 1am now) but I’m not hopeful it will be over then. I’ve felt light headed and nauseous and have been vomiting tonight which can be a sign of  early labour – it could also be  a sign of eating 10 jaffa cakes! I’m dreading labour. You’d think after going through it twice I’d be a little calmer but I think this is the worst I’ve felt. I think it’s because I don’t want pethedine this time but scared I wont cope without it. I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow. This one is better to talk to so I am going to discuss things with her. The other midwife just said “why, you’ve done it before?!” when i said i was quite nervous. SHe also told me I wouldn’t have the option of some of the things in my birth plan, including the pool as I am a high risk pregnancy and have been under the consultant. I have been a consultant patient because I had several miscarriages between my son and my twins and then I had twins. Obviously neither of these are an issue with this pregnancy so I can’t see why I can’t have what I want! I might not even want the pool when it comes to it but I want the option!

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