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I think I’ll go back to bed

Posted by --- on Wednesday 14 July, 2010

I wasn’t up late last night particularly – it was 3am which is 2 hours earlier than most nights – but I still didn’t get out of bed till 10:30. I didn’t know this at the time because the electricity had gone off and the clocks upstairs were flashing. no one was in the house (good job I don’t have an emergency – my due date is tomorrow and I’ve always been early so far so you’d think people would see that I was ok before going out…)

As per my normal routine, I put the kettle on, turned on the pc to boot up and headed to the bathroom. Came out and entered my pw on my pc, went to make the first of several morning coffee’s and noticed we only had enough milk for one.  I’d have thrown on some clothes but I went to bed with wet hair last night and I now have a massive nest of hair! Great! Made my coffee, went back to my pc and waited for Unhackme to finish its scans. Then tried to open up firefox and outlook which normally take around 10 minutes to load each morning (no idea why), so I picked up a magazine while I waited. I have an appt with the midwife at 12:15 but have no sample bottle so despite wanting to go to the loo, I have to wait so that I know I will be able to give a urine sample. Great! So my computer eventually loads its programs, I check my mail and see that decisions at the lotty are being done by one or two people again but give up. I log onto facebook and scan through the mornings updates – not much going on.  Then I put my straighteners on to heat up. I can’t remember the last time I used them! I hate how they’ve cut my hair this time anyway but again, I couldn’t be bothered to keep telling them.  On the second pass of the straighteners, I managed to put my index finger between the plates – how? No idea. I didn’t think I’d done much till i saw the 3x3cm roll of skin I’d burnt and scraped down. I turn on the tap and run my finger under it – it doesn’t hurt so I started to try to empty the cupboard looking for a dressing. We don’t have one so I have to try to make one with a bit of gauze and some of that papery dressing tape that I can’t remember the name of right now! it looks a real mess but it’s covered.  so it didn’t stick i put a dollop of savlon on and then realised that had been out of date for 2 years! Then I tried to put the box back in the cupboard (being heavily pregnant and short remember…) i knocked a bottle of calamine lotion which hit the work surface, I tried to catch it with one hand as it bounced but I missed and watched it hit the floor by my feet and as does anything breakable which hits this stupid tile floor, it shattered and scattered glass across the entire kitchen floor with a gloopy mess of calamine lotion at the impact point. Of course being pregnant (and I think my depression is kicking in again) this was a major catastrophe that reduced me to tears. I pulled myself together and dodging glass I went and fetched the sweeper and piled the glass into one area – getting on the floor to clean it up will be a nightmare I’ll leave till after my midwife appt. Then I try to finish my hair with a finger I can’t bend, standing 2 feet away from the work surface as my bump wont let me get any closer, and having not done it for ages and not knowing the style they’ve done, made it look straightish but still horrible. then my finger starts to throb and throb. The dressing is way too tight and rubbing in between my fingers making that sore too. I need to get dressed, I’ve got 15 minutes to be at my appt and it’s tipping it down of rain so my hair will frizz and curl as soon as I step outside anyway!
Lets hope the afternoon improves…

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