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playstation network, black ops, bt home hub and strict nat type. Fixed!

Posted by --- on Wednesday 15 December, 2010

Ok so this is a completely random post for this blog but it’s something that’s been frustrating us for a while. We are lucky (or maybe not) in that we have 3 playstation 3’s in our house. My brothers and my DSL also have PS3’s and we have played online games in teams ever since we got them (the day of the release of the console!). Then came black ops and what a nightmare! No matter what we did we could not form a party and were constantly kicked from teh server. I looked it up and it seemed to be related to our nat type. Ours is type 2 which should allow us to play together but the game insisted we were on a strict (type 3) nat. I tried to put the main ps in dmz mode but that meant the other two were still unable to join, I tried assigning ip’s and port forwarding etc. I read page after page of people trying to fix it and tried most of the suggestions. Then today in desperation I tried this which was posted by the wonderful waddy007:


on 14-12-2010 11:21 PM

Here’s what you do – (you will need a copy of MW2 for this to work, might work on world at war but I have not tried)

Put in your copy of black ops, go to multiplayer. Go into options and then hit select. The NAT type should say ‘strict’ (bummer).

Now quit the game and go back to the playstation home screen, eject black ops and put in your copy of modern warefare 2.

Load up the game and go into mutiplayer, go to ‘play online’ and find where is says NAT type. It should say ‘OPEN’.

Now while still on this screen eject the disc which will take you again back to the playstation home screen. Put black ops back in and again go to mutiplayer, then go to options. Now cross your fingers and hit select. Your NAT type will now say OPEN! I could guess at how this works but the most important thing is it works and its really easy which is awesome lol.

Guess what? It works!  It is open! Now to test a party which can’t be done till another time because I’m in the middle of feeding and caring for a baby, making bread, scratchings, mince pies and trying to get straight after putting up the yule decs. Try this though and let me know if it works for you too. I hope it does! fingers crossed…

4 Responses to “playstation network, black ops, bt home hub and strict nat type. Fixed!”

  1. lemm123 said

    ahh thankyou!!! 😀 this helped a lot and it worked ;p

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  3. Bryn said

    Spot on, Cheers 🙂

  4. twinsane said

    sadly this didn’t stay working and didn’t work the next time we tried it. It still works occasionally but lets hope they fix the buggy game instead!

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