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Cranberry & Raspberry Wine & Turbo Cider Started

Posted by --- on Saturday 14 July, 2012

Raspberry & Cranberry Wine

Following this recipe using a 1 litre Lidl grape juice which is a mix of red and white grapes and a a 1 litre Lidl raspberry and cranberry juice.

03/07/12 – Started at 11pm. Tastes good before it’s fermented! SG C&R 1.092+ (?),

13/07/12 – checked SG which is down to 1000 at 19oC. I wanted it to be around 1010 and I was going to attempt to stop it fermenting to make a medium dry wine but have left it too late. I read a post that said if I added a campden tablet and some potassium sorbate that it would halt the fermentation but I’ve since read that this is not true. I will try it on this wine as I don’t really like a dry wine. I’m also trying to rack more often as most of the wines I make have a taste that I dont like. I can’t explain the taste. Its tastes very alcoholic but not in a pleasant way. I also, and I know alot of wine makers or home brewers will think I’m crazy, would like to make them less strong as I enjoy drinking but don’t like being drunk.

This one  I have calculated to be 12 % already and I’m sure it will continue to ferment for a while yet. As it is only up to the shoulder of the demijohn I will top it up with grape juice which  will hopefully sweeten it and reduce the alcohol content a little

Today I racked it on to a crushed campden tablet in a clean demijohn, half way to filling I added the potassium sulphate which I’d mixed with some of the must, then I continued to rack the remainder. I added the airlock and put it back in the utility room.

Turbo Cider

Began 3/7/12 – Using 4.5 litres of Lidl apple juice, 1 tsp wilko yeast nutrient and 1 tsp youngs wine yeast compound. SH Turbo Cider 1038

13/07/12 – Racked into a clean demijohn. SG today is

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