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Knitting machine addiction!

Posted by --- on Monday 13 January, 2014

Well I’ve done it again. I’ve still not knit a stitch on a machine but have bought another one and am on par with this lady except she can knit! And again, it’s miles away. Over 150 miles away in Norfolk! Actually it’s in Essex but the seller will take it to Norfolk so that it’s a little closer to me. This machine was also expensive (£307) compared to the others but my reason for buying it is this: it will enable me to use up my stash! That’s the theory.

Now as you know, I have no idea about machine knitting and I’m rubbish at hand knitting but I can’t resist cheap yarn. As I’m rubbish at both  I find myself buying this cheap yarn and not knowing anything about it! Stupid I know. As I’d bought the pfaff, I bought a lot of yarn off ebay to use with it but it has no labels and I don’t know what it is. All I know is that it’s thin – very thin – some of it is like embroidery cotton. Without knowing the weight I don’t know how to set up the pfaff and I dont know if the machine is jamming because there is a fault, the tension arms aren’t working right, the locks aren’t working right, I’ve put it back together wrong or I’ve set the stitch length wrong. I am probably over-thinking it and making it complicated but I’m nervous.

The machine I’ve bought is a brother KH260 which is a chunky machine and can knit anything from DK upwards. That is something that I do have and tons of it! So I have no excuse not to have a go at using it. We will be driving down to collect the machine on friday night. I have no idea where I’ll put it as I live in a tiny council house which has the passap set up in the only free space I have – at the end of my bed – but I’m hoping its more like the knitmaster and a little more portable than the pfaff.  I’m also hoping it’s easier to use than the pfaff, which I still haven’t tried.  I’ve joined several groups including the passap group on Ravelry and when I read about it, it seems the passaps are very temperamental and even experienced machine knitters struggle.

And on a plus note, the seller of the pfaff has messaged me and says they will be refunding me the money I paid for it! I’m not convinced they will but it will be lovely if they do.

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