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Not much to say here; I hate filling these in!

I’m a late 30 something mother of three. I’m not married and never wanted to be although as I’ve gotten older I sometimes think of getting married. I’ve been with the same man for almost 20 years (OMG!) and although we have our ups and downs, when they’re up, they’re great!

I love lots of things! I love to read, I love to learn, I love the Internet and gaming and … oh so many things but my new love is gardening! I will pretty much have a go at anything but that doesn’t mean I’d try anything! I don’t much fancy sky diving or bungee jumping or anything that looks scary but I would – and have – done mechanics, electrics, plumbing, carpentry, jewellery making, painting (not that I’m an artist) decorating, computer hardware/software etc etc… I am a very independent person and I try do every thing myself.

I’ve spent the last few years going back to learning. I went to college to regain my qualifications to go University. I got a place in University as a mature student and went on a course to get a degree in Adult Nursing. Many parts of the training were fantastic and one of the best  was in A&E although I’ve been privileged to have met and cared for some wonderful people. Those that make an impact in so many ways, I’ve sat and laughed with some and with others I have come home and cried! It wasn’t easy and health, home, uni and shiftwork took their toll. Almost at the end of my second (of three) year and things got a bit too much for me and the course and the hours was having a negative impact on my family so I’m currently taking time out. I’m not sure I’m going back…

At the moment it’s good to be at home. I want to try to make things better for us as a family and reduce the negative impact we have on the environment by producing what we can ourselves (well myself, OH is out looking at a 4×4…) . This will be a bit of an uphill battle for me as I’m a proper townie; we eat fast processed, tinned or frozen food and buy what we want as we want it (when we can afford it 🙂 ) ! I have no idea how to go about it all. I’ve never really turned my hand to cooking etc. I’ve always wanted to be near to the sea and live the “good life” where we have a little land but this takes knowledge and hard work. The work doesn’t bother me but it’s the knowledge I don’t posess. Nor do we posess the cash! We don’t even own our own home so where would the money come from for it all?  I’m also no spring chicken so I think I’m too old to ever be able to do it.

But still, I’d love to know more about nature, native food growing in hedgerows, what I can grow or make myself so this is what I’m going to try and do. There’s so much to learn and most of my learning material will come from you, the other person on the internet who is graciously sharing their knowledge on the WWW. This blog will be more of a way for me to keep track of things I’m doing so I can see what works and what doesn’t,  new recipes we try and if we like it.  It isn’t really supposed to be a fantastic read for everyone else but maybe we’ll have experiences we can share and hopefully, other people – one long day away! – will then be able to come to me and I can pass on the knowledge I have gained too.

I think that’s it, anything else about me will, hopefully, become apparent as you browse and check in to my blog!


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  1. How have you been ? Hope all is well.

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