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Sewing revival

Posted by --- on Monday 8 June, 2009

I’ve found by looking around the internet that I’m not crazy for wanting to use reusable nappies or menstrual products and that there are thousands if not millions out there already doing it! Not only that but the square folding terry nappies I’d used as the occasional nappy for my other three children have evolved into much improved garments and the sanitary belt I remember my mom having have transformed into pretty (or not so pretty) things with wings! I’ve found tons of patters for nappies and sanitary products so have dug out my sewing machine. It’s an old toyota EC1 2260 model that DFS bought me but its hasn’t had much use. In the past I’ve made everything from curtains to lingere; my first son had most things home made including coats and I collected every pattern I could.  Three years ago while doing my nurse training I figured I didn’t have time and sold all of my loved patterns on ebay to make space. There were literally hundreds; I’d bought lots and I had every Prima magazine or other sewing machine magazines from the early 90’s.  I sold them all as a job lot for less than £10 and now I’m absolutely gutted.

I got sidetracked .. Ive pulled my machine out and got a copy of the manual which I’ll try and link to from here. I’ve cleaned it and oiled it and it sounds better than it ever did. Next I’ve tried to find fabric to use. What a nightmare. I wish I lived in the US, they seem to have everything I want whenever I do a project and we have naff all. We have one local fabric stall on our market that I went to (very reluctantly) when I was in my teens. The chap who runs it hates his job and seems to dislike his customers. If you walk near the stall he jumps up as soon as you look in the vague direction of his fabric and asks “can I help?” If say you’re just looking, he stands next to you and then he follows you if you move as if you are going to steal a roll. Bear in mind that this stall is about  5  metres long and you only have access to the front. The rolls are piled up with the ends facing you without prices or information which is a nightmare for someone like me that doesn’t know what the types of fabric that I want are; I used to make things out of the fabric I liked the look of not whether it was a polyester cotton or “wicked water away” .  The last time I went past the stall I noticed it was for sale so it might not even be there now. I went to our local Dunelms which no longer has a fabric department, then I drove to another Dunelms which also has closed it’s fabric department! I rang another to make sure they had fabric first but went over and found it all to be furnished fabric. So now I’m on the hunt for a cheap (note: cheap!) fabric shop or stall in the midlands/staffordshire. Anyone got any suggestions? I’m not far from Birmingham so I was thinking of going over to the rag market but I hate the thought of the motorway, trying to find my way into the city centre and then trying to park.

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