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Lavender swirls.

Posted by --- on Thursday 11 June, 2009

Decided to make soap today. Everything went wrong, rats had eaten half my ingredients in the shed, I couldn’t understand how to add things or when, and I’d ran out of olive oil! Spent all morning researching how to melt colour to add to soap. tried looking up wax crayons etc. Found lots of references to adding chips or crayons but no methods. Decided to sod it and take the plunge… Concerned because ingredients aren’t cheap! Recipe: 24-28 oz water 12 oz lye 55 oz olive oil 16 oz palm oil 16 oz coconut oil halved and amended to allow for depleted stock and no mold that big! Converted to metric 12 oz/ 790g distilled water 6 oz / 170 g lye 27 oz / 760g olive oil (had to go to Asda) 8oz / 225g palm oil 80 oz / 225g coconut oil 3 tbs of home dried lavender heads 3 bottles of lavender oil (bought over last few years from discount shops) 1 plum purple colour chip (from candle making supplies bought from ebay) Dilema; how to melt wax chip…. placed it in a small amount of olive oil from recipe. Put it in a dish over a pan of simmering water while heating fats and mixing lye. Used gloves but no apron or goggles as per normal because I couldnt find them! Put all solid fats and half the olive oil in a pan on a low heat to melt.Left remainder of olive oil to add once others have melted to cool them. Put water in plastic jug added lye, mixed, got a whiff, couged, placed jug on window sill while I went outside for fresh air! Ran cold water in the sink continually with the plug half in and placed lye jug and melted fats pan in low level cold water to cool whilst alternately stirring and temp checking. Added lye solution to fats when lye was 107 degrees and fats were 103. Began to stir……. Took colour off heat but it kept setting so had to place over bowl of hot water and keep replacing water – remember to leave on heat in future. An hour later (with detours to collect a book to read, let dog out, etc) light trace was reached. Added fragrance oil Another 10 minutes stirring; added lavender flowers. A further 15 minutes and the trace is thicker (not thick) added small amount of soap mix to bowl of colour and stirred. Poured colour mix into soap mix, gave minimal mix (dragged spoon from one side of pan to the other in four different directions. E.g. north to south, east to west etc). Poured into lined box at 2.25pm. Can’t wait to see tomorrow.

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soap and toasted sandwiches

Posted by --- on Tuesday 2 December, 2008

Made oats, milk & honey soap today

Walked up to asda in the freezing cold to fetch a sandwich toaster (£4.95) as DDj wants ham and red sauce toasted sandwiches for school. Made them all toasted sandwiches. DDJ had ham, DSK had liver sausage and DFS had corned beef

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