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Clever little girl Nov 29, 2011 10:40 AM

Posted by --- on Tuesday 29 November, 2011

this is just a really fast post to say how quickly baby I is learning. She is now 16 months old and speaks quite well. She knows and says loads of words. Last week she surprised me by counting the ports on my computer! She counts to 5 regularly now.  She loves books and “reads” them herself by doing things like “eating” the fruit in the hungry caterpiller and saying butterfy at the end or doing or saying appropriate things with her different books. She can name many body parts, makes sounds for different animals – dogs bark, cows moo. I’m very proud of her. She is still a 24/7 little girl so I get nothing done now. We struggle getting her to sleep. If we’re lucky I can get her to have an hour in the day, but if she gets to late afternoon she is so tired she won’t stay awake but then will not sleep at all until midnight. She still sleeps with us and at night, has got into the habit of staying awake til I go to bed. I tried going to bed early but she normally wakes around 10 and won’t go back to sleep which is very frustrating as I’ve spent all night in bed.

I’m struggling with all of my kids at the moment. DDJ is always in trouble in one way or another. DSK just doesn’t come home when he should (he was 4 hours late home from school one night last week). DFS is still very temperamental and loses his temper over the slightest thing and I’m up and down with the rollercoaster that is my day to day life.

I keep meaning to blog it all but there are never enough hours in the day – maybe it will be my new years resolution for 2012!

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Random post Jun 27, 2011 1:51 AM

Posted by --- on Monday 27 June, 2011

Haven’t done any decorating today and as we’re doing two rooms at once, there is stuff everywhere!

Our electricity is going haywire. Since we changed to a pre-pay meter we’ve been watching our consumption and average £25 a week. There was over £30 in there last weekend so I was amazed when the power went off  yesterday and found we’d run out. I hit the emergency button and checked the weekly tariff (£3). DFS put another £10 in this morning which only gave us £2.46, I then added another £20 tonight at around 10 and it gave us £19.85. DFS checked it 2 hours later and it was £19.27 so it had used another 58p but nothing has been used. It makes no sense. There is no way we’ve used over £40 in a week (if the maths is right), especially this week!  With the hot weather we’ve hardly been cooking and we’ve been outside so haven’t been watching much tv either. Nothing has changed with our usage. In fact some things are being used less such as all the stuff in the kids rooms as I’ve restricted the internet until they tidy their rooms. We will have to monitor it.

My pregnancy drags on with 17 days to go. I want it over but am getting very nervous too. Healthwise,everything is the same: too hot, legs/feet too swollen, thirsty, heartburn, restricted nasal passages, sleep uncomfortable,  hypertensive and now… toothache. will definitely ring dentist on monday.

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sorry it’s been a while… other

Posted by --- on Tuesday 15 June, 2010

Not on the same scale but Lexie isn’t the only thing we’ve said goodbye to since becoming pregnant – yes there is a huge list of things but the thing I was refering to was my landy. It had to go. Not practical for the kids really but definately not for a baby. So out goes the landy and in joins the mondy… not quite the same ring is it? Still, it’s comfortable and family friendly and we thought we had got it for a good price. After sitting in it and it shaking so much it rattles your teeth or, even worse, driving down the fast lane of the motorway over taking at 83 mph with a queue of traffic behind you when an orange light on the dash flashes on and the car decelerates rapidly as it hits limp mode it seems i’ts  not quite such a bargain! A mobile mechanic called today (charged us £40 for the pleasure) and told us that one of the injectors is down, which we suspected, but he couldn’t say which one but offered to repair it for somewhere in the region of £300 and then said that he also thinks the problem on the motorway is due to a faulty/dying fuel pump which is going to be around £800. Not much fun when DFS still hasn’t got a job and I’m not working either. So, for now,  we will put up with the shaking – maybe the movment will help settle the baby when she’s restless! – and not drive over 75mph.

Over the last few months I haven’t been able to do much but I do have some photos of what we’ve been up to. When I get chance (and aren’t so tired!) I’ll upload and blog about them . For now, goodnight.

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Posted by --- on Friday 8 January, 2010

The snow we’ve had so far made an attempt to thaw today but didn’t get very far.. They’ve forecast more too! My feet are already blue and I actually have frostbite on one toe!

(taken from diary)

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Posted by --- on Wednesday 6 January, 2010

(taken from diary)

Normally I love the snow and can’t wait to get out my camera – even if it’s just my phone – but this year I’m too cold. I don’t know if it’s because my circulation is poor while I’m pregnant but I don’t remember feeling this cold! I suppose the fact that I’m vomitting all the time and losing weight isn’t helping.

Anyway, this is probably going to be this year’s only snow pic from me!

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Flip-flops and photography foolery.

Posted by --- on Friday 28 August, 2009

Peach Hollyhock 2009What a day today. DFS woke me by ringing half an hour before my alarm was due to go off and it was raining. I’m fed up of the rain. The kids wanted to go swimming so I dropped them off and when I came back I popped over to the neighbours. I only meant to have a quick coffee but that turned into almost two hours leaving me only 15 minutes to get ready to go collect the kids.

I want to save some seed off the hollyhock so when I went home I  thought, despite the rain, that I’d nip out before I had to go and collect the kids to take a photo so I remember what the flowers were like. I grabbed my fleece and a rain hat, slipped on my flip flops and ran outside. It was hard taking pics with my left hand but because of my right wrist, I couldn’t use it properly. I  couldn’t get a picture through the fence anyway so I went around to get closer. Getting soaking wet, aware that I would be late to fetch the kids if I didnt hurry, I stepped into the overgrown grass and felt a sharp pain in my right foot. Looking down I saw the end of the plank of wood in the grass and I knew what I’d done. I went to pick up my foot but the wood lifted too. I tried to pull the wood off with my one good hand (remember my bad wrist that’s been in a support for two days) and realised avplanter of sweet peas was on top of it. So I had to try to balance on my left leg,without moving the right, put the camera in my pocket and lift the planter off the wood with two hands but without bending my right wrist nor taking too much weight with it. Achieving this, I had to pull the wood off my foot. The nail that had pierced my flip-flop and foot was very rusty and bent. I semi-hopped (have you tried hopping in flip-flops), semi-limped, and semi-skidded in the rain up to the house. Then I did my best to clean it but there was now mud that had splashed from the downpour mixing with the blood trickling out of the tiny hole and I now had 3 minutes to get to the sports centre to fetch the kids. Typically, the plaster I put on wouldn’t stick so I had to tape it on! I limped to the car, pulled off the wrist support which was now soaked and tried to get in the landy. Not fun with a right hand I can’t bend – hence can’t pull myslelf up – and a right foot painful to weight bear. And guess waht? The wet floor must have caused some type of suction with my foamy flip flops becuase as I lifted my left foot up to get into the landy, the bottom pulled off the bar that goes between your toe leaving the sole hanging off and getting wrapped around my foot! In frustration I flicked it off my foot and drove bare foot up town in a rush as I was now late. The kids were even later and I sat outside (couldn’t go out with only one shoe and a limp on the other!) for another 10 minutes.

When i got back I realised the khaki cambell drake had escaped and was wondering arounf the garden. I left him out. It was still raining and I wasn’t in the mood to chase ducks.

By this afternoon the rain was coming down in gallons and we had our annual eye tests. I took them up and the same as last year, we were split up – I don’t like that. I should have asked more qestions but wanted to get to see what was happening with the kids but the short version is that I need glasses for both reading and driving. I’m not sure why I need some for driving. I know reactorlite will be usefull for me because I really suffer with bright light but prescription glasses? My reading ones i was expecting because I find myself pulling things further away to focus on them – it’s my age they told me. I will research my prescription to see what it means. It seems I also have astigmatism.

I will put my results here if anyone wan’t to explain then (when I can be bothered to go and get  them!)

My foot’s throbbing now. As my nan used to say. I am in the wars!

I think I’ll save seed from these too:

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Ebay woes – what a con!

Posted by --- on Thursday 20 August, 2009

What are they up to?  I haven’t sold anything on Ebay since DFS reluctantly sold his CBR due to cash flow problems and that was bad enough – restricted paypal account, etc .

I’ve now decided to have a clear out. A) because I am sick of all this clutter. It gets to you. Every room is the same but thats another post in itself, and B) to generate a bit of cash now that even our child support has been stopped (yet another post). So, to start off  I have 6 items to sell on ebay using turbo lister.

I ‘m selling a rotovator, cash on collection because I don’t want to pay insertion fees, and final value fees and paypal fees on top. Ebay says no… you can’t have cash on collection as a payment method. Why not? They get their percentage out of the insertion and final value fee. Why should I have to wait – again – for paypal which has restrictions on it because I’ve sold over £1000 – the bike.. Why am I forced to use this payment method and give them yet anothe slice of the cake?

I wanted to put a book on there. It is a heavy, hardbacked, cookery book. It needs to be sent as a parcel which starts at £4.41. I put the postage as £4.50. Ebay says no… you can’t have postage of over £2.75 for anything in this category. I was selling the £12 book , brand new  for 99p! It’s heavy to post. I offered collection as an option- but obviously not cash on collection. It would have cost me to sell it. I’m not selling it now.

I had a coat to sell. It was in the womens clothing section under jackets. Ebay says no… you can’t advertise it in that category! It’s a ladies jacket. What category is it supposed to be in?! I just kept changing it and resetting it to the same category and in the end it went through.

I have another book to sell. Ebay said no… (oh good grief!) you can’t have a cheque or postal order as a payment option anymore. Only electronic payment methods – i.e. PAYPAL! WHICH EBAY OWN! All of the auctions had cheque, postal order, bankers draft, cash on collection, direct bank transfer etc and it decides it doesn’t like this one.

I was going to start an irrate thread on the community forums in particular about ebay setting limits on the postage and packaging for a book  (when I can find auctions for 01p with £20.99 postage?!) but found people on there complaining of forced free postage and packaging. How can they do that?! It wouldn’t be so bad if Ebay compensated  the p&p but expecting sellers to pay ebay for the privaledge of selling items and cover the costs of sending it themselves is ridiculous! The reason I don’t sell on Amazon is because I don’t see how I could cover the cost of posting my heavy books (all of my nursing, psychology etc books weigh a ton!) and now ebay are doing it. I’d rather give them away than give Ebay the profits.  At the end of the day, Ebay is a service we pay for! They shouldn’t be dictating the details such as how much it costs to post etc. I know people get conned all the time but buyers have options. If you think that £20 is extortionate for the postage then you don’t have to buy it. Sellers aren’t being given  choices (just look at the feedback system now where you can’t leave negative feedback as a seller) . Ebay are telling me that if I want to sell my book through them, I have to cover £2. of the postage myself and make a loss of £1 and that’s before they take out their insertion fee and final value fee! Oh yes, and you can bet your backside that paypal will take a percentage of the full fee paid through them which will, of course, include p&p… I’m sure there must be some trading standard organisation that can see they are taking major advantage of their monopolisation.

If I could find a competitive auction site I would swap. Anyone recommend a good one in the UK? I looked at CQ Out but I found it hard to reduce the search options* (apologies for terrible english and spelling, i’m really tired now) so ended up with 5900 ads to trawl through when I just wanted to see what hatching eggs were on there just to see what range of items were for sale. Come on google or any of the other big players. Make some competition please!

*Narrow my search! That’s the phrase I was looking for. I think I should go to bed now. Night.

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Two rings in one year!

Posted by --- on Monday 22 December, 2008

Quick post – to be improved later!
first ring of death (rod) was green and on my xbox 360. lovely Microsoft, repaired and returned with no hassle and little waiting.
2nd ring was blue and was last night. went to get phone when i went to bed; the  lights were on but no one was in as the saying goes but this time literally! There were blue lights around the keys and the camera lense and a red light on the power button but the phone was unresponsive. Tried this morning – same result. removed battery, sim, memory, cleaned and replaced; repeated but no joy. I googled it and discovered BROD or the blue ring of death.
Read that there was a fix using sony’s update so I tried seus – sony ericson update service – and hit a problem: cannot download due to security zone policy? on firefox? another google and I discover a bug so I have to reset the Internet explorer settings that i’d increased due to regular attacks/trojans/popups despite not using the bloody software – another post.
I can then download seus. I  follow the instructions on screen but the phone is not recognised. Thanks again google! I then discover that i need to plug the phone usb into the computer not via usb hub. Ta-da! Phone recognised and currently updating. fingers crossed folks. i can’t not have a phone over yule!
okay, I was typing this and heard the noise xp makes when a device has been unplugged. I went to the update software window and it was showing the starting screen, I looked at the phone and it was dead. I tried to turn it on but got nothing. I unplugged it from usb and reconnected power in case the battery was dead but nothing. I disconnected and removed/ returned the battery and still nothing. I reconnected power started typing this and looked at the phone to see it had a bar going across the screen with “please wait” above it. now it’s gone off… now what?! I’ll try turning it on again. It says please wait in a blue square with a full bar below it. what’s it doing? I need coffee…

it’s turned on.. its lost everything. no contacts, no messages nothing. my best friend moved house and sent me her new phone number and contacts. another friend sent me new number last week – i’m gutted…

two lessons from this

first – back up your phone!

second – don’t buy sony ericsson. this is my first sony phone. have always hated the look of them but wanted the blogging feature – which doesn’t work on this phone/network for some reason and the customer services at orange uk haven’t heard of blogging… but still i’m stuck with this phone for 18 months.

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christmas lights switch on

Posted by --- on Wednesday 3 December, 2008

DSK came home tonight and asked if it was ok for him (and us) to go to the local village christmas light switch on. He has joined the choir and they were going to sing some carols. We went last year when DSJ was in the choir. On a side note, she has opted out of being Mary this year at her new school. This is  her biggest part ever as she was always a sheep or something similar at her old school. She is worried because she struggles with her words and stammers sometimes. BAck to DSK, I couldn’t say no to him but wasn’t in the mood. We went at 10 to 6 and were the first there, suggesting we’d got the wrong time, day or any other excuse to go back home. Then someone else turned up and we had to stand about. It was awful. We didn’t know the words, it was in an odd key for me so was either too high or too low and it was absolutely freezing. At 20 to 7 the teached said we were singing the last carol; hoorah, they’d turn on the lights and we’d go home but no. He announces that we’ll sing jingle bells for the second time whilst walking to the church.  Last year, we sang, turned on the lights and then people went on to the church for a drink and something to eat. This year it was backwards. I’d been in the middle of cooking tea when I’d came out; leaving instructions for DSL to finish it off. So, much to DSK’s disappointment, we came home. Thankfully and in a very unexpected moment of thoughfullness, DFS turned up to fetch us in the car. I was frozen and we didn’t even get to see the lights!

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Badger hit by car

Posted by --- on Sunday 9 November, 2008

DFS told me today that he saw someone in  a car hit a badger last night and they just carried on driving. He was several cars back all of the others carried on. He stopped but didn’t know what to do; he didn’t want to touch it but it looked dead and he was on his way to work. I looked it up today on the wildlife trust site and they recommend covering them and calling the RSPCA. I don’t know about you but I don’t didn’t happen to have the RSPCA number to hand but I have now looked up the RSPCA national number and put it in my mobile phone.

For those of you that would like it, it is 0300 1234 999

You can ring it for advice or if you suspect mistreatment of animals etc.

If I see you injure a protected animal I would have no qualms about reporting you. It’s not that I’m a “do gooder”. I see nothing wrong in culling pests or killing to eat meat but there is no reason to be cruel. There is no need for torment. Some animals are protected for a reason, hunting seasons are to enable management of some species but death for “fun” or just plain callousness or carelessness is needless. Aren’t we supposed to be the higher species?

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