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Yet another battery chicken petition – update

Posted by --- on Friday 14 August, 2009

As promised here is Cadbury’s response to my enquiry. I’d like to thank them for answering promptly and honestly:

My question:

Can you confirm whether the information posted on this website ( is correct? Do you use battery hen eggs and if so, what products contain eggs and have you any plans to change to eggs obtained from more humane sources?


Thanks for your recent enquiry regarding our confectionery.

I can confirm that we do not use free range eggs in our products.

Please be assured your comments will be passed onto our Technical Department for their information.


Consumer Relations Department

I would have like to have been informed as to which products contain eggs but that information wasn’t included.

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Yet another battery chicken petition

Posted by --- on Thursday 13 March, 2008

Ok Easter is almost here which means that the chocolate companies are rubbing their chocolate fingers together!

creme eggs But, how many of us thought of the battery hens when munching away at a creme egg? I suppose many of us thought of their welfare for our boiled eggs but creme eggs? Well I didn’t until now; it never occured to me that they contained real egg or that those eggs came from battery hens. The UK Battery Hen welfare trust have made me aware of this and started a campaign to ask cadbury’s to use free range eggs instead.

In a silly move (with the way the country is reacting to battery farming at the moment) cadbury’s have said that a creme egg aspires to have it’s gooey centre liberated. It ends it’s little “goo-ology” with “Viva freedom!” Yep, right phrase but wrong eggs…

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I don’t know why companies can’t use free range. McDonalds have again recieved an award for their use of free range and the promotion of such and Hellman’s have made the major decision to produce all of it’s UK products using free range eggs from February 2008. It’s just a shame it doesn’t make this an international decision.

battery hens

battery farmWhen you take a look at the condition of the birds and how they are kept, it’s not a hard decision to make.

Edit – just to let you know that I checked again whether battery hens are still used and cadbury’s confirmed that they are:  see this post for the response.

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