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she shoots, she scores or maybe not

Posted by --- on Saturday 8 November, 2008

Just a quick note. A good while ago DFS bought a used air rifle, then without touching it he sold it to our neighbour whom I found out yesterday, owed us money. So I suggested DFS bargain with neighbour to get the gun, which is a Webley vulcan .22,  back and I will practice shooting and build up to see if I can actually kill, prepare and cook something. Neighbour has agreed for us to have the gun back (plus give more cash) but says his friend is using it. He said he will have it back tomorrow. DFS’s friend L had offered last week to take me game hunting with him next time he goes so if I have my own air rifle I can practice at home on targets! I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it when it comes to it but I’d like to try. If I can’t shoot game how am I going to dispatch, pluck and dress one of our own chickens?

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