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It’s not all bad

Posted by --- on Saturday 23 August, 2008

It’s been hard for her tonight because she has an upset tummy; I’ve no idea what she’s eaten different over the last couple of days (maybe the 4lb of soil she dug up from under my lawn didn’t agree with her!). I’m sure though that she was trying to tell me she wanted to go out tonight. It was hard because she was bouncing about and kept going to the door, I let her out and she urinated but the cat was there so she chased him about and I bought her back in. She was acting odd so I asked if she wanted to go out again. She ran to her bed then ther door. So threatening that if she was after the cat again I wouldn’t be happy and would bury her down the garden (yes I know all she hears is “blah-blah” but I felt better!) I took her out. She bolted to the gate to see if she could spot Pepsi (one of the cats). I said “ah-ah, toilet” and she turned to me, sniffed the floor and did it! I went balistic and showered her with good-girls, fusses and a treat.

Ok, going through my posts I realise I moan… a lot! It’s probably because I type away on here as a release. I feel much better when I’ve finished posting and I forget that other people read it! Just to show that this week hasn’t been all bad I can tell you that apart from our heel and attention failures, she has learnt (sort of) to stand, she has learnt to catch (using popcorn so I didn’t take her eye out!), she is doing ok with retrieve (her best ever today even getting her ball out of a bucket of water), she leart the command “leave it” and I can throw treats on the floor that she will not touch unless I tell her “okay”.

Since we’ve had her she’s learnt: Sit, down, wait, eyes (to examine her eyes), teeth (examine teeth), open your mouth (let me open and examine her throat and already been useful twice for removing a plastic bottle top and a huge chunk of rawhide chew), ears (examine and clean), feet ( examine pads, etc), watch (look at my  face – holds for around 5 seconds now before I treat), ermm I’m sure there’s more that I can add. Oh yes, do your feet (lets me wash or just dry her muddy paws) We’ve sort of got better with the car athough she still doesn’t like it. She’s also used to the hairdryer, she’s better with having a bath but she hates the shower. And she’s probably learnt tons more that I didn’t want her to! ;p

She is like a shadow, she is always (unless I go out of the way) within 3 foot of me. She tries to squash under my pc chair that she could fit under it 3 weeks ago; now she wont but she tries. She loves cuddles and rolls over to have her tummy rubbed and her back legs go ten to the dozen if she’s stroked anywhere from her chin all the way down her tummy! She gets that excited when I talk to her sometimes that she falls over her big floppy feet in an effort to get closer or have a tummy rub or lick me! She has learnt to accept the cats too. She chases them but she is playing and if they come in the house they can take her bed and she will move out of the way or try to share it with them. This was yesterday:

I need a bigger bed...

I need a bigger bed...

Excuse me, can I have a little more bed?

Excuse me, can I have a little more bed?

Oh no, now he's licking his... well you know...

Oh no, now hes licking his... well, you know....

Food? Yep count me in!

Did you say food? Or was it just "cheese!"

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Posted by --- on Thursday 21 August, 2008

I know she’s a puppy but today she’s drove me mad. I got up this morning to the normal 6 wee’s and 2 poos (why does she wait till we’re all in bed?!) which is starting to wear thin.

Then on to todays training… I tried several times today to do the heelwork training which is our home work. The first time I took her on to the yard before her breakfast thinking she’d be hungry so easier to get her attention. I took Ag (arden grange) as she loves the stuff. Anyway, she wasn’t interested in anything I was doing. She could see a fly or a leaf or one of the cats would walk up to her. She was sniffing the floor or pulling on her lead till I got frustrated and was on the verge of dragging her back into the house. I tried later with garlic hot dogs but the same happened. I tried before her tea with the same result. Getting on towards supper time I thought I’d try again. It was getting dark outside but I thought it would be better with fewer distractions. It was even harder! She didnt want to go into the garden and was acting as if she was scared, ears back and kept looking at the bottom of the garden and trying to run away. I couldn’t get anything more than a flick of her ears if I tried and she was almost dragging me back to the house. It was a little unerving as something was spooking her. I came back in. I tried later in the kitchen which went a bit better but I’ve only got 4.5 feet of floor to work in and my lounge is the same. The lack of space made it very difficult and she wasn’t enthusiastic. I want my dog to be like the puppies you see on youtube! How do I get her attention if not with the food I’m offering. I’ve spent a small fortune on treats or food to use as treats. Today I bought bacon so I’ll try that.

On to my next disaster. I tried to take her for a walk to the new local pet shop. On a side note, I think I’m boycotting it. I went in there last week for some frontline but they don’t keep it, then I wanted something else another day, I forget what it was now but they didn’t do that either. Today I wanted conditioner or something for her dull coat but they don’t stock it. I was even more frustrated by the staff. I was trying to read the bottles on the shelf with L crying by my feet and jumping around trying to get to the rawhide chews that are in open boxes at floor level… I ask you?!…. anyway a lady walks past behind me and L goes to jump up at her. I turn her around and stand over her so she can’t. The woman walks off then comes back and as she walks down the aisle she’s talking to L saying what a good boy (yep..) she is etc. L is going bananas and I’m trying get her to back off and trying to make her sit; that was a waste of time. I manage to turn L away but the woman went to the side of me. I ask her to ask L to sit before she greets her so she’s not bouncing and calm. She doesnt her. I ask her agian and point out that she’s wearing a white jumper “oh its ok” she states. I disagree and explain that other people may not think so and that I’ve already been told off for not being able to control my dog (by a staffy owner when L was barking at his dog). She tells me thats terrible so i repeat my request that she asks L to sit before fussing her anymore. I am trying to explain about having a dog that can greet people calmly again. She is fussing her while L is bouncing all over her and then throwing in “ooohhh sit down. sit down, sit!” while L continues to bounce all over her and completely ruining my sit command – arghhh! I changed the subject and dragged L away. I asked about conditioner. She went to fetch the resident groomer and blow me if she didnt walk up to L and fuss her for bouncing though to be fair she did ask her to sit once i’d explained but to be honest its way to late then. Finally another member of staff walked past while i was pretending to read the back of the bottle the groomer had recommened (the most expensive one on the shelf) and as she walked back she did the same as the first woman! I’m trying desperatly to keep my dog away and they march up to us. I was quite short with this woman and just said “look, would you mind asking her to sit before you stroke her” but she didn’t even look at me, carried on stroking Las she jumped up her and then walked off smiling and saying what a lovely dog… So sod em, they’ve just lost a customer and will someone please tell me how the hell I get people to go away!

Ok the actual walk now… That was fun: not! She will not walk on a loose lead, she is continually trying to get in front or to the right of me which is even worse if I’m walking with someone. she pulls across in front or behind or through my legs! She walks off in front too. I’ve tried what the trainers say – yeah i carry food treats but she isn’t interested. To start I was shoving one in her mouth with a “good girl!” if she was by my side but she was dropping them or spitting them out. I also try stopping and then when she looks at me I turn and walk a few paces in the other direction before turning back the way I want to go. Apart from looking a right idiot walking up the street and losing any street cred I may have ever had, it takes me three to four times as long to get anywhere. Plus she’s cottoned on to it and as soon as we walk the other way she quickly walks around me and back to face the way we were going! As we got close to home there were two men walking about 8 norfolk terriers. She went ballistic. Hackles up and barking. I was yanking her around making her sit and shouting no and one man was trying to shout at his because a couple had risen to the challenge. I wanted to aplogise but was concentrating on keeping L away. As we got around the corner, S was there and he started to call L. I wasn’t happy and said, would you not call her to you as it’s hard enough as it is and I’m sick of it adn don’t think I’ll take her again. His response was to get rid of her then… Oh yes, it was raining too!

Tonight after the disappointing heelwork training I tried to teach he stand again. I tried luring in the house (no distractions, windows closed so she can hear the cats or talking or anything) with yummy garlic sausage. As I lured, she watched my hand, snapped at it while it was close but wouldn’t follow the treat. Then she went and lay on her bed. So I try to sound exciting, make clicky or squeaky noises till she comes and repeat with the same results. I throw her bed out the way and but she just leans against a cupboard. So i pull out the clicker and her supper. With peices of AG I lured her off her backside and c/t. I managed 4 but each time she wanders off to her bed and I have to try to get her back. So I’m frustrated with that too.

Then theres housetraining which isn’t going too well either. Apart from the mess this morning which I get every day, I get it throughout the day on the floor if I’m not on the ball. She does know her toileting command I’m sure so we go out regularly. I’ve taught her door manners but it means I always go out first even in the rain and if I don’t go out, she want’s to come in. So I keep a brolly by the door and we go out whenever I think of it and every time in between or so it seems. She also goes out whenever I see her by the back door. Often when I say “go toilet” she’ll sniff, turn around and sometimes do something. But often she goes out and runs to the gate to see if she can see one of the cats or she actually spots the cat or a fly or a leaf etc. So she has 2 minutes maximum now and back in. But the amount of times she comes in and wee’s on the floor is crazy and drives me nuts! Luckily it’s only been once today but I’d tried her outside and there were no distractions and she didn’t even bother looking she just kept sitting. So I walk in the house, walk to the lounge door, turn around and she’s done it! I actually cried. Stupid I know but I did. It seems like a long frustrating day today. I know about crate trianing but I just dont have the space for a crate. I also know that this is just a bad day but I feel like I’m banging my head against a wall with her. My whole life seems to be taken over by her and I don’t seem to be getting anywhere or doing it right.

Then there’s the fleas. I don’t know if they’re from the dog or the cats – i presume both but I’ve never seen them before and now I’m doing everything I can to control them. Poor L has quite a few and she’s tried several over the counter treatments which I also treat the cats with. Me and the kids have emptied their bedrooms because they were getting bitten up there (that has to be the cats as J was letting them into her bedroom via the window). I’ve been vacuuming regularly, I’ve also bought a steam cleaner and steamed the carpets, also treated with a household flea killer that is supposed to work for 12 months stopping all stages, I flea comb L every day. She is not allowed in any other room except the kitchen which is tiled. The cats aren’t either. I’ve washed all thet pet bedding at least once and she’s still covered in them! Today I bathed her again which she hates. Then tonight I applied frontline which I’m told is the best. Lets see shall we? I’ve also been to ikea and bought 3 cheap desk lamps (£3.99 each) and have made flea traps which I read about on the internet last night. When I combed her today I actually watched the fleas drown! I never before and was squashing them but today I took her outside in the drizzle, put her lead on and attached her to the fence and tried to comb her and treat her at the same time.She wasn’t impressed but I was amazed and got a cruel satisfaction out of watching each flea drown in the bowl of water. If I caught a flea I dunked the comb in the bowl and the flea drowns in a second or two! Definately the way to go if you comb. Ok, its morning again so I’m going to take L out to go to the loo but I doubt she’ll go as she went an hour ago. Then I’ll paper the floor, check the flea traps and report tomorrow! I’ll change the post date on this to before midnight so its posted on the right day but its actually well past 2am again. NN X

PS – oh yeah I took out insurance on all three of them for £21 from and the tattoo transfer of ownership papers came back today.

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OMG I hit her :(

Posted by --- on Friday 25 July, 2008

Well I was woken up at 08:10 this morning by the phone! It was S to see if I was up but I was impressed it was quiet! K gave L her breakfast and she was that settled with him touching her while she ate that she lay down! I took pictures. She’s found her feet today and wanted to play but I’m not sure what games to play with her. She keeps three toys. Her squeaky bone, her spiky ball and her furry Frisbee.

She discovered she can get under the gate today when whisper was playing her up thorough the posts. I don’t want to permanently fix wire to the gate so I’ve tied it on. I’m sure it will only be a week or two before she’s too big to get underneath so I can remove it then.

I spent a few minutes trying to get her used to the clicker again at around 10:30. Armed with James Wellbeloved Pure Incentives (fish) and a few pets at home puppy food (PAHPF) but she isn’t really interested. I think to get her used to it I need to find a food she really loves – apart from her DUCK which is gone in seconds! Her food has arrived and I struggled to get it into the freezer. It’s a minimum order but it’s a good price. I could do with someone going halves with me so I don’t have to empty our two freezers to try and make room for dog food! When clearing out the freezer to make space, I found the liver treats I made ages ago. I tried lexie with them but she doesn’t seem that interested. I also tried tuna which was a bit better. I want to give her a treat that she says “wow! I want another one of those, what do you want me to do?!” I did try to lure her into a sit and a stand and c/t for each repetition (5). I am also saying the words I want to use as she does the action. So far I can think of sit, down, ah-ah, go toilet, good girl that I’m using. I think she knows good girl is a reward because she often wags now when you say it but it’s always accompanied with excitement and lots of fuss.

We had half an hour in the car today. For the first five mins I sat in the back with her reading the KC puppy training book and dropping the occasional treat, then I moved to the back seat and left her in the boot. I gave her her spiky ball ( I think I’ll call it spiky! The KC puppy training book says to find toy names that and with ee) and a few bits of food. I sat on the back seat reading for another 5 or so minutes then got out and walked to the front, opened the door and closed it, then went back to the back seat. I left it another few minutes and then got out and went to the front and started the car and then moved to the back seat again. The problem was the heat because it’s a hot day again today and she was panting and uncomfortable. Leaving the car running, I went and fetched a drink and gave it to her in the boot with me standing with the door open. I also found a few PAHPF and gave her those. I went and sat in the back again. Then K came out so I asked him to sit in the back while I reversed up and down. The problem was the heat because it’s a hot day again today and she was panting and uncomfortable. As I sat in the front, she started jumping up the back seat and whinging. I went up and down the drive twice and she did sit but was whining so I left it at that. I will try again tomorrow.

I smacked her today and felt terrible. When we got out of the car, I took her to go to the toilet (“go toilet” is going to be the phrase) and she just lay down in the shade. She came in the house and started to wee as she walked in the door so I ah-ah’d and with a quick pull (not hard) on her collar ran outside saying “want to go toilet?”. She went out but lay back down! Pepsi came through the gate and I noticed his eye was swelled shut but lexie had noticed him first and shot up to run at him. It’s all a game to her but she’s too big to bounce on them, plus Pepsi looks injured. I was calling her and trying to grab her (which is a mistake I know but I sort of flapped) As she ran at him the cat tried to bolt but couldn’t get up the fence so he ran past her to try to get to his outside bed under the porch but again, he misjudged it and she cornered him and grabbed him by the tail and started to pull him. Before I knew it, I’d smacked her bottom (which was the only part I could get too!); not hard but I did it. She let go of the cat and plonked her backside on the floor, turned her head to look at me then walked off and lay by a plant pot in the shade. I felt awful even though it worked. I don’t know what Pepsi has done but his eye is closed up completely and looks quite swollen.

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