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sick of the mess

Posted by --- on Saturday 23 August, 2008

Today has started on a bad foot again. I went to bed at almost 3am, S was up at 7 and in those 4 hours there were 2 poos (no idea how many wee’s) which he cleaned up. He went out and I was up at 9 to another 2 poos and 3 wee’s which are anywhere but on the paper so it runs along the tile grouting and under cupboards etc. In two hours! I was slipping in all the mess trying to get accross to the back door to try to let her out. I wasn’t happy. I was bursting to go to the loo too but want to get her into the routine of going out when I get up. I take her outside and she runs around sniffing the floor like mad – or so I think. I then realise she’s after flies again. So I shout her back in which is fatal with her because unless you’re being nice to her she runs off. So not impressed I put on a happy tone to get her back in. As I walk in I slip in the mess which terrifies her and she shoots off behind my pc chair. I’m trying to clean the floor and slipping all over the place, every time she comes out she slips too. It’s a nightmare routine we do most mornings. I eventually clean up the mess and then I cleaned the floor with a 1:3 white vinegar and water mix that I’d read neutralises the smell so she won’t urinate on the floor. We’ll see shall we? Over the last two day’s it’s struck me that she only defaecates at night. I don’t think she goes in the daytime which I’m going to monitor now. [edit: she went at around 4 o clock this afternoon – outside because every time she goes to the back door, she goes out!] She is fed at 9, 3 and 9 (ish for all). Her feeding routine doesn’t change unless its wednesday which is club night so we’re an hour late with supper. I don’t know how to stop the nightime mess. I’m considering getting a crate but it’s not that easy. For starter’s, we’re broke this month and have to pay out for the caravan storage and K’s camping trip in addition to the school uniforms etc and normal bills. Then theres the space issue. I’d have to get a 3 ft crate because nothing else will fit and I will only use it for the next month or two until it’s too small for her (German shepherd need at least a 4ft). S will tell me I;m wasting more money on the dog. Then there’s training her to get used to the crate as it’s not an overnight job and if it takes too long, she’ll be too big for it! To get a crate in properly I’m going to have to lose the dining table and chairs unless it will go under the table and then the chairs will be in the way. Ohh I dunno.

On to training then… pfft! I took her out this morning for heelwork and she was only interested in flies. She kept trying to run past my hand to get the the flies. It was as if my hand was in her way – which it was, loaded with treats – and she just wanted to go around it. I made squeaky noises, gave a massive reward vocally, physically and edibly (?!) said heelwork as she was at my side how the trainer told me to and she just tried to go around again! So I gave up that time. Then later i tried but she heard the kids in the bedroom and completely ignored any attempt I made at trying to get her attention. I gave up again. I find it really hard and begin to think my personality isn’t suited for dog training. I get frustrated and angry with her. I know she’s a puppy and I don’t shout at her or anything but I feel like it.(edit: tried heelwork at about 3 this afternoon and managed to do about three small circles before she was distracted. I’m not sure I’m doing it right. She doesn’t follow my hand exactly but chews at it! It’s not comfortable but I’ll carry on. The trainer wanted me to “up the game” today but I’m not sure how and things aren’t exactly going to plan either. I wish I knew what I was doing!]

On to fleas. I frontlined her and whisper yesterday. She is still scratching today but I’ve ran the comb over her and not pulled one out. Normally there are loads so thats an improvement (saying that, she’s just collaped in a heap scratching.) The flea trap in the living room has also got two fleas in it. To be honest I’m gutted as I thought there weren’t any in there but at least the trap has done something. I suppose it’s inevitable there are fleas in there becuase thats where the cats go to sleep.

On a plus point, she’s actually started to bark at noises outside. I want her to bark so I can put it on command and she can warn me of people in the drive etc.

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Wednesday training at EGSC

Posted by --- on Wednesday 20 August, 2008

What a night. It bucketed it down, we were running late and rushing, the dog threw up in the back of the car, the kids Aikido class started late, making me late for the dog club.  Then again, it didn’t start till 8:30 anyway. Things were better this week. L. has gone from being really nervous to being embarrasing! She was barking and lunging at the other dogs and I didn’t know how to handle it. I was trying to turn her around and shout no at her but she was manouvering around my legs.

I felt a bit better in the ring and had things explained more this week. a great chap (no idea who he was) showed me how to hold the lead (thumb on top, short tight lead that lengthens or shortens to keep the tightness), how to walk her around the ring with a taught lead getting her excited,  how to stop and stand her, how to walk her around the other dogs. As I said, it made sense. I think as I enter the ring, I’ll say “showtime” to L. so she knows she’s ok to pull etc. I need a break/release command…

Obedience was ok. i’m not sure what i want to do and Sam asked me what i wanted but i don’t know. I said to go with formal obedience and then if it’s not what i want, asked if it was ok to change; she said that was fine. she showed me how to lure L. towards me and around to my left leg using a lure and saying “heelwork” as she comes around. she showed me to walk (setting off with the left leg) and treat when she was focusing on my hand – it looked simple… She said i could step it up on saturday to include distractions if i managed to continue doing small sessions 2-3 times a day.

The breeder was there tonight which was lovely to see her. sam suggested I ask her if L was good enough to show so I did. Nikki said that she’d said when we bought her that L was the one she was going to keep out of the litter (which she did) and went on to say that although it was too soon to tell yet as she is so young and her adult teeth need to come in etc, she was watching her tonight and she looked lovely and yes, good enough to show! I was really pleased, I’d love to show her just to see how she’d do.

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how to deal with dog aggression

Posted by --- on Tuesday 19 August, 2008

Well after a great walk the other day, tonight didn’t go so well. We walked at the local wildlife park and after doing the full circuit and only encountering one other dog – which she barked at – we stood watching the Canada geese come in and land on the reserve. It was lovely, the sun was starting to set and we were relaxed and happy. A woman came up and started talking to us about all sorts. J was pointing out different birds and L was watching the weird things on the water that made strange noises. I was vaguely aware of shouting before a staffy came out of the blue and jumped on Lexie. He mounted her and pinned her to the floor. She was squealing and trying to get away. She’d flipped onto her back and was making a terrible racket. I was sort of frozen. It was all happening in a split second but seemed to go on forever. The staffy was mouthing her and looked like he was trying to bite but she was kicking up with all four legs and somehow managed to get up and spin towards him. I was shouting at this woman to get her dog off my dog and she was calling his name. As she got close, she grabbed him and marched off in the other direction all in one movement and without a word. She never looked back, let alone apologised or waited to see if L was alright. For all she knew she could have been injured. I was crouching by Lexie trying to check for injuries. The woman that was talking to us was saying that she didn’t know why i wasn’t shouting abuse at the other dog owner and demanding at least an apology but the other woman went off so fast and turning to see where she was, I could see she was quite far away and almost running. Maybe she was shook up or upset? Or maybe – as I’ve been told – I’m too soft and shouldn’t feel sorry for her or make excuses for her as she was probably not bothered. I was shaking, poor J was shaking. Lexie was covered in dirt and wet where the staffy had slobbered on her trying to get hold of her. I wanted to cry but didn’t because of j. We got in the car and came home. Writing it down now it seems like nothing; at the time it was horrible.

Coming home I felt like I should have done something. Should I have grabbed the staffy? Was he playing ? I don’t really think so but I don’t know. I feel like I let Lexie down and should have protected her more. I feel like I should have been stronger with J watching me and should have stood up to the woman and said something though what and how when she didn’t stop I’ve no idea. I was still shaking as we got home. J said she was scared, felt sick and also a bit angry. I felt the same. Its really put me off walking Lexie. I’m not aggressive or confrontational. I feel sick at the thought of it and thinking that I’m going to have to deal with this when I go out has put me off. Its not the first time, although it’s the worst, and she’s only met other dogs a few times. I@m not being judgemental as I was a staffy owner and my staffy was as good as gold with people and dogs, but each time this has happened (3 and she’s only been going out for 2 weeks) its been a staffy. No wonder she barks with her hackles up as soon as she sees another dog. I wish I was braver so that I could too! Why aren’t there laws to stop this? There should reintroduce dog registration for all dogs. There should be some conditions about having to train your dog or at least go to a session where people are taught the care basics – dog law, dog control, dog feeding ( I spoke to a neighbour who has no idea how to feed her pup), grooming, etc. It could even be like driving a car where you need to pass a test (nothing major but basics of care etc). Maybe with a little knowledge less dogs would be abandoned or less injuries occur.

I also think there should be a law about breeding. I think all pets should be neutered/spayed unless the owner registers as a breeder. I don’t agree with this whimsical breeding of animals; thinking it’s a good way to make cash. Not caring about the quality of the breed, the health of the parents or offspring, the homes they go to or the life of the animal. My breeder would have Lexie back at any time if I had a problem (not that I’d let her go back!) Maybe a sytem to register as an owner and or breeder or else have neutered pets would reduce unwanted animals (be that dogs, cats, rabbits etc) and improve the health of some. I know many poor cats that are pregnant before they are 12 months old and continue producing litters of kittens without homes to go to until the owner can afford/be bothered to get them neutered or they continue to be a kitten factory until they die. My own elderly cat’s mom died years ago despite being only 7 months older than her. She went blind at only 6 and looked so old. It might be other factors but I always put it down to all the kittens she had when she was young.

Anyway, I’ll get off my soap box now. I could go on for ages with this. It really annoys me that people are irresponsible owners. I don’t blame the staffy today. I blame the woman who let it off the lead. nuff said! 😉

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