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Breadmaking disaster…..

Posted by --- on Saturday 20 September, 2008

Ok this is embarrassing. My breadmaking escapades have hit a small snag. Well, not quite that small. I will explain.

After having made another successful loaf using my latest recipe, I left the breadmaker on top of the cooker to cool (yes, some of you are ahead of me…). I thought I’d put a pan of water on to boil for the runner beans I was picking from the garden. I turned on the halogen hob and continued preparing the dinner, not quite registering what the strange smell was. When the smell eventually filtered through from my nostrils to my brain I assumed there was something burning off the ring (happens occasionally). Then I realised my mistake. I’d turned on the wrong ring, the one under the breadmaker! Like an idiot, I picked up the breadmaker which only made things worse as huge thick trails of melted plastic poured from the bottom of the machine over the cooker. Most of the smoke was inside the closed machine.  I turned off the cooker, opened all the windows and turned the extractor on to full. As I opened the back door to let out the smoke that was now escaping out of the opened lid, Lexie shot outside scraping her nose with her paws – can you blame her?

Once it had cooled sufficiently, I tipped the machine on its side and plonked it in the garden.  There was a massive hole in the bottom of it. It took me hours to alternatley scrape and scrub the hob clean. Even after it looked clean it took a few days for the smell to go. Not only that but I have no breadmaker! DSK is most upset that I can no longer make his bread!

Am I a dipstick or what?!

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Breadmaking experiments 2

Posted by --- on Monday 1 September, 2008

Quantities as before but added in this order with some changes:

Tepid water (200ml warm, 100ml cold)
half the flour added on top but spread about not domed up (flour at room temp, not experimenting with faulty microwave!),
added the salt now to avoid contact with yeast (spread about on surface),
added 3 tsp bread improver,
Extra added 1 tsp dried milk powder (to combat paleness?),
Added vit C tablet
added remainder of flour
Added 1 1/2 tps Asda Yeast in a small indentation in the top of the flour.

Used setting 2 (2lb loaf)

This one worked out tons better! Not perfect but it was nice and didn’t last very long. The family have said they’d like it to take to work/school so we’re definitely getting somewhere. I’ve been breadmaking for ages but only recently experimenting to see what improvements I can make and also keeping a (b)log. I’ve had lots of successes before but until now, I didn’t remember exactly what I’d done!

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Breadmaking experiments

Posted by --- on Thursday 28 August, 2008

Our main problems with bread making are that the bread is often heavy, doughy and tastes yeasty. DFS and DDJ love the rolls I make but they are time consuming, DSK loves the bread. I want to find a recipe we can use for our daily loves to cut down on the amount of money we spend on bread that is currently around the £1 per loaf price range.

today’s recipe and method are:
All ingredients put into bread pan in the following order

300ml water (200 warm/100 cold)
500g Allinsons Strong white flour [warmed 1.15 in microwave (900w) = too long, flour is semi-solid, had to break up in bread pan as I didn’t realise till I’d added it to the water!]
3 tsp Farmhouse bread Improver
1crushed Tesco Value Vitamin C tablet
3/4 tsp lo salt
3/4 tsp Asda Fast Action Dried Yeast

Setting 1 on my bread machine

Waiting to see how it turns out.. 🙂

Disappointed. The loaf is pale and under risen. It is heavy and a greyish colour. DSK likes it and DDJ likes it toasted. Plenty of room for improvement so am going to read my breadmaking books!

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