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Nettle wine part one

Posted by --- on Wednesday 27 August, 2008

Yesterday before I took L back to Lancaster, I decided to pick all the nettles we had around the garden. There were quite a few as my gardening has taken a back seat to the dog. I’d read about nettle wine, double checked it in my winemaking bible and saved all the tops. I did’t have time (or the rest of the ingredients!) to make it yesterday so I put them in the fridge until today. I’ve no idea how many leaves there were they’d shrivelled but there was a couple of litres still in the jug. I bunged them in a pan with some water, lemon rind and ginger bought them to the boil and left them to simmer for 45 mins. When I went back they’d not been simmering so I upped the heat and gave them an extra 15 mins simmering properly!

I strained them through and old leg of a pair of tights into a small bucket, added two 1kg bags or sugar to the fermenting bucket, the juice of two lemons, yeast nutrient, and finally the nettle must. This was stirred until it disolved and left to cool.

I left it outside to cool and to be honest, I forgot it and thought it was too cold but when I checked, it was spot on 21oC which is the temp Mr Berry suggests that you add the yeast. I did that and checked the SG which was off the bottom of the scale! I hope it stays sweeter and not go off the other end of the scale as the rest of my wines have lately. I’m still waiting for one to match the marrow wine from 2 years ago; I have one bottle left and I don’t want to open it or I’ll have none! I’ve got 3 demijohns of really dry rice and raisin in the shed that I’ll probably give away like most of the rest of my wines. Everyone else loves it.

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