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Posted by --- on Friday 17 October, 2008

Today was a gorgeous day. Bro came down on his bike with my nephew and wanted DFS and I to join them on a ride. He suggested we invite PP who’s an excellent rider with a fireblade. I felt a bit of a fool going out with them; I’d be on the Lead, they’d have the VFR 800, the CBR 600 and a Fireblade! As it happened I needn’t have worried coz DFS decided not to go and the lads went off alone. My friend J (FNJ) came over and we decided to go for a ride. As she’d never rode on a busy main road we decided to tackle the A5, which is local to us. Keeping the boys sweet, we offered to go and get them a best sarnie (bacon, egg, sausage & tomato) from the local truck-stop cafe! My bro was back by this point (after having a good ride out including a trip to Matlock) and offered to come with us. FNJ was too nervous to ride with him watching so refused. I was

in the house and would have preferred him to come with us. I feel a bit responsible when I’m out with FNJ

although I’m sure she doesn’t want me to feel that way, however, I would have been happy to have my bro follow and give advice or constructive critism on my riding.  I was feeling quite nervous myself as I’d never rode on such a main road either on a bike but as per normal, I put on my confidence “yes I can

do anything” nurses face and got on with it. The scooter does little for my street cred. My son never complained when he was riding it but I’m sure he felt the same. It doesnt help that FNJ rides an X-max which looks huge compared to the Lead. It’s a big scooter! Well we made it to the truck stop without a hitch. Thank you to the rider that tooted us as we were getting back on our bikes – it made our day!

We came home because we had to drop the girls off at guides (during which we were passed by a man who saluted us with his can of beer as he drove past the church!). Then we went back out. We popped through the town centre to FNJ’s uncle’s house. When we came back, the lads had picked the girls up from guides, DFS had finished clearing out his garage and wanted a ride too so we popped out to look at a bike that was for sale by the side of the road. As FNJ was only 10 miles off riding 100 miles in total, we decided to go for another ride. We went to a local village but to get there you have to travel an unlit bendy road. I didn’t feel it was too bad but FMJ told us when we got home that she was very uncomfortable  with the ride and she was very quiet. I suggested we tackle it more often to get her used to this type of road of which she will be mainly riding. Without doing her bike test she has to avoid motorways, this means that most of the roads she can use will be like this one. If she plans to go any further than the local town, we need to get her used to them. While we were out, my bro rang my mobile (which was in the kitchen…) and rang DFS’s mobile twice. We returned the call but didn’t find out till later that he’d rang as he wanted us all to go for a ride. I was gutted again. Three time today he’s asked about us all going out.

DFS popped to see the man who is looking at my bike (the suki or brittea as I call it as the reg is PG UK…) . I’d read on a forum that the problem was probably the diaphragm, DFS had already suggested it and the mechanic confirmed it. The thread recommended NRP carbs so I’ve contacted them today. They think that it will take a week or so to fit and return the diaphragm. I know DFS will be unhappy with this when I tell him; he wants everything done yesterday if not sooner! I now have the carb on newspaper on the kitchen table with a Haynes manual so I can take the spline (?) and diaphragm out to send off.

My parts also arrived off ebay too. They look in good condition too though covered in oil or brake fluid. I contacted the seller before I bought them (they were buy it now only) to request a reduction in the p&p as I’d buy two items. They never responded and I wanted the parts. I ordered them with the  £6 per item he/she was charging and when the package arrived today, both items were wrapped in bubble plastic with parcel tape around it and a postal charge of £3.08.  £8.92 profit ain’t bad is it? I think this will be reflected in the feedback.

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