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Well would you believe it?

Posted by --- on Wednesday 27 August, 2008

I don’t think I’ve discussed it on here but I’ve been complaining about the clutch in the disco since we’ve had it. It went back to the garage we bought it off (though I@d love to name and shame them, I wont for legal reasons…) who kept it for almost 2 weeks without supplying a courtesy car (we’d had the disco a week). He insisted it had recently had a new clutch and gearbox at a cost of over £1000 and he kept telling us he had receipts. Anyway, it turned out that the disco sat in the road next to his showroom for all that time. Then it went to the garage and was there for less than an afternoon. The conclusion being there was no fault – of course, I’m but a woman.

So I go to pick it up (thats short version. *long version; lots of unanswered calls after I found out that it had sat in the side street and hadn’t moved for a week, eventually getting through for him to tell me it was ready and they’d found a minor fault that had been repaired but he’d forgot to tell me despite me having no transport. I arrange collection and make arrangement with bro to give me a lift, then salesman rings me back and says he’ll bring it to me within the next hour, 5 hours later he hasn’t and isn’t answering phone, I get the spare set of keys and help myself to the car so that I dont spend yet another bank holiday with out my car.) Bro takes me, drops me off, see’s me start it, asks if I’m ok and leaves. I pull out of side street and can’t get the bloody thing in to third gear without the grinding as if I haven’t quite engaged the clutch (the problem I’ve been telling them!). BF rings salesman -from Ireland incurring all the charges – and threatens to rip his legs off or other regional appendages.. Salesman promptly rings me to arrange for me and him to go to the people who installed the gearbox and clutch to see he is being open with me. Also arranged for me to return the car after the bank holiday for testing. It went back, they said it was ok. We never went to garage that supposedly installed it.  Disco went to another garage who also said it was fine (I found out today, they didn’t test it but were asked to repair an oil leak) I drove over 100 miles away yesterday and within 8 miles of my return journey, the clutch failed whilst driving down the motorway!

To say I’m not impressed is putting it mildly. I’ve got tons to do. I need to take L back to Lancaster (long story – took him back, he decided he wanted to come home but will possibly return on monday for start of college course) next week if he does the course. I should have gone to EGSC tonight, I start the first lesson of my main training on friday, the kids start school next week! What a mess.

This garage is ridiculous. I’ve no idea why BF deals with him. Here’s an example. We buy a car, I hate it, BF arranges with chap to surprise me with Disco I want. He trades in other car, (charges us £1000…) and sells us Disco. Doesnt pay off finance on other car and resells it. Then finance are hounding us for payments for original car that we no longer own. When we point out that we no longer own it, and we have finance from them on another vehicle AND! they have refinanaced the car to someone else which we’re sure is not legal, they back off. Unfortunately he’s done the same to a neighbour of ours (idiot BF recomended him…) who’s car we think was scrapped but he’s left with the payments.

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